Margaret Plantagenet: Feudal Magnate

Chapter 3 : Loss of Inheritance

There was no chance of the Earl of Warwick marrying. Kept under close watch first by his uncle Richard III, then by the new king, Henry VII, by 1487 he was in the Tower of London, never to emerge.

Henry VII, who liked to have a legal cloak to cover his financial exactions, suddenly remembered the plight of poor Countess Anne, defrauded twenty years before by her sons-in-law, and restored the Warwick lands to her. There was a catch – she was to disinherit her grandson, and will the lands to Henry himself.

Thus, when Warwick was executed, allegedly for attempting to escape from the Tower, in 1499, he had rights only to the Salisbury earldom, which rights devolved to his sister, Margaret, now married to Sir Richard Pole.